Will YouTube Shorts Put Tik Tok Out of Business? Here’s What You Need to Know

YouTube recently released a beta version of their platform’s alternative to Tik Tok, know as YouTube Shorts.  Although initially YouTube shorts (and the features it includes) will not be available to everyone on the platform, YouTube is rolling the features out in the next few weeks.  Creators will gain access to the common features known and loved on Tik Tok, but instead on the much larger YouTube platform.  This means things like a large selection of musical tracks, an editor which makes it easy for creators to put together multiple clips into one cohesive video, and a captioning tool.

Similar to TikTok as well, YouTube Shorts users will be able to “swipe” through an endless feed of videos which they can view and interact with on the fly.  The biggest difference between YouTube Shorts and Tik Tok, however, is the platform on which their content can be viewed.  Whereas Tik Tok is an exclusive, separate application, YouTube Shorts is available through a carousel which features on the homepage of YouTube.

Although YouTube Shorts is missing out on several key features which Tik Tok offers, such as the unique collaborative tools, and a way to view specific shorts from certain creators, our writers believe YouTube Shorts is a giant growth potential for established creators and upcoming YouTubers alike.  YouTube considers Shorts as a way for new content creators to emerge, creating content which catches the attention of younger generations.  YouTube, of course, is the established video creation platform, surpassing Tik Tok by leagues.

Because of this, we recommend keeping a close eye on YouTube Shorts, and potentially creating some shorts yourself.  Rather than Tik Tok, Shorts is tied into the YouTube ecosystem and because of this has an extremely high growth and profit potential, and since it’s a newer platform, there are very few established Shorts creators as of yet.  This means you have the potential to become the next big thing by using YouTube Shorts.

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