What Is the Appeal of RGB Lights for Gamers?

RGB lighting is incredibly common in the gaming world.  The beautiful, gentle glow of a mechanical keyboard and RGB mouse, the only sources of light in a dim room, the clacking of the keyboard as you scope in another enemy player in your favorite FPS – RGB lighting has become synonymous with gaming.  Despite the clear aesthetic appeal, it’s unclear why else gamers would pursue RGB lighting on their technology as oppose to the alternative.  After all, it’s not like you need RGB lighting on your keyboard as you game – is it?

Well, it may be.  RGB lighting is reported by many gamers to help them concentrate on the correct keystrokes,  helping them keep their fingers on the correct keys in a dim room.  PC gamers often need to have intense focus on the screen, with a lit room distracting from the gameplay and immersion at hand.  Because of this, the keyboard and mouse are required to have a certain sort of lighting in order to remain in focus and visible – and what other lights to choose but RGB lights?

Another reason gamers might find RGB lights appealing is the status and identity which RGB lights convey.  After all, RGB has become synonymous with gaming at this point, and though it may be directly related to the peer pressure – well, can you truly call yourself a gamer if you don’t use an RGB keyboard and mouse?  Besides that, there are so many cool LED light strips which you can purchase to decorate your room, making it apparent to anyone who enters that you’re a gamer and you’re proud of it.  Personally speaking, I love to use RGB lights because they make me feel more comfortable and informal than under the bright lights which normally light my room.  After all, gaming should be comfortable – and what’s more comfortable than playing under the dimly lit conditions, surrounded by glowing and gently shifting colors!

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