What Is a Mechanical Keyboard

Mechanical keyboards are known by many as the professional or high quality keyboard for gaming and avid typists alike.  What makes the distinction between the mechanical and regular keyboard, however, is oftentimes overlooked.  Because of this, many people will buy a mechanical keyboard without knowing which specifications to look for and end up severely disappointed, only gaining a fraction of the ability and features which a good mechanical keyboard boasts.  So if you’re looking to buy a mechanical keyboard, it’s necessary for any buyer to understand the uses and benefits of a mechanical keyboard, as well as what a mechanical keyboard is.

Mechanical keyboards are distinct from all other keyboards in one main area – the switches (or key springs).  This essentially means that the mechanism by which your keyboard registers your keystrokes will be different than a regular keyboard.  Usually, mechanical keyboards have spring activated key switches.  When the key of a mechanical keyboard is pressed down, several things happen which creates a distinction between this keyboard and the traditional “rubber dome keyboard”.  When a key is pressed, the spring anchored beneath the key will connect to the keyboard’s circuit and register a keystroke, transferring the signal to your computer where your keystroke will display itself as the letter or number which you typed.

Because the mechanical keyboard and the rubber dome keyboard often have the same keycaps, they will often appear to be the same, but many users feel less comfortable typing on a rubber dome keyboard than a mechanical one due to the different type of switches which mechanical keyboards use.  Oftentimes, an experienced user will be able to distinguish a mechanical keyboard from a rubber one simply by the feel of the keystrokes, but when you’re buying a keyboard initially it’s important to check out the description so you know if your keyboard is mechanical or not!

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