• Google Assistant is releasing a new major upgrade to their software, that will help you to record, remember, and store any information you need to recall at a later date.  According to Google, this new feature was created as a hybrid between multiple tools and methods people already use to remember things – such as a to-do list or digital archive.  Although there is no available release date as of yet, there are reports of Google testing this new system within their company. Although Google Assistant already has a Memory feature, it is extremely limited, functioning only as a reminder program.  You can tell Google Assistant to remind you to do something at a certain date or time, and it will set an alarm for then.  The new version of their memory feature, however, seems to be much more powerful and easier to use with an upgraded and enhanced UI as well as new features.  According to Google, this new version of their memory feature will allow you to save a gigantic spread of content, including but not limited to articles, books, hotels, images, music and more. Once you’ve stored something with the enhanced memory feature, Google will display it inside a new memory feed, along side the other UI.  This will allow you to access the memory feature at any point in time, as well as view contextually accurate extensions to the information you have inputted.  For example, if you store a hotel Google might display the location, the rates, and other relevant topics. Google also plans to add other methods by which you can access this new memory feature, aside from the previous voice command which was used to access the memory feature.  Although as of yet Google has no release date for this new memory feature, it is in the works and being currently developed.

  • YouTube recently released a beta version of their platform’s alternative to Tik Tok, know as YouTube Shorts.  Although initially YouTube shorts (and the features it includes) will not be available to everyone on the platform, YouTube is rolling the features out in the next few weeks.  Creators will gain access to the common features known and loved on Tik Tok, but instead on the much larger YouTube platform.  This means things like a large selection of musical tracks, an editor which makes it easy for creators to put together multiple clips into one cohesive video, and a captioning tool. Similar to TikTok as well, YouTube Shorts users will be able to “swipe” through an endless feed of videos which they can view and interact with on the fly.  The biggest difference between YouTube Shorts and Tik Tok, however, is the platform on which their content can be viewed.  Whereas Tik Tok is an exclusive, separate application, YouTube Shorts is available through a carousel which features on the homepage of YouTube. Although YouTube Shorts is missing out on several key features which Tik Tok offers, such as the unique collaborative tools, and a way to view specific shorts from certain creators, our writers believe YouTube Shorts is a giant growth potential for established creators and upcoming YouTubers alike.  YouTube considers Shorts as a way for new content creators to emerge, creating content which catches the attention of younger generations.  YouTube, of course, is the established video creation platform, surpassing Tik Tok by leagues. Because of this, we recommend keeping a close eye on YouTube Shorts, and potentially creating some shorts yourself.  Rather than Tik Tok, Shorts is tied into the YouTube ecosystem and because of this has an extremely high growth and profit potential, and since it’s a newer platform, there are very few established Shorts creators as of yet.  This means you have the potential to become the next big thing by using YouTube Shorts.

  • YouTube star David Dobrik has recently fallen intro controversy over sexual assault allegations made toward one of the former members of his group, the “Vlog Squad”.  According to the information available, Dobrik and his group had filmed a video where, according to their accuser, one of the members had raped a girl who had applied to film without consenting to the events which were supposed to take place during the filming. Dobrik recently spoke up, posting an apology video on his channel “VIEWS”.  The video, which was posted on a channel that has a fraction of the subscriber base of his main and secondary channels, appears to be vague – not uncommon for YouTuber apologies, if we’re being honest – and doesn’t provide any context for the controversy. After the story continued to garner attention and Dobrik was dropped by multiple sponsors, he uploaded yet another apology video, this time to his secondary channel.  In the video, he claims to have not realized the power dynamic of the group which allowed him to convince people to participate in the creation of content which they did not agree to or were not comfortable creating.  Although Dobrik says he will be taking a short break from social media, he has no intention of halting his creation of content when he returns. This drama has been recently trending on Twitter, and gained the attention of many of his friends, former and otherwise, who commented on the situation, causing it to spread further.  Although Dobrik does not appear to have been directly involved in the potential assault, many fans believe he was irresponsible and ought to take more responsibility then it appears he has. But most importantly, what do you think?  Let us know in the comments.  It’s important to keep an open mind to stories like this, always leaving room for the possibility changes, but at the current time there’s always an opinion to be had!  Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter (scroll down) to stay up to date with the latest news.