Learn How to Do a Professional Flick Shot While Gaming to Help With Your FPS Skill Level

Every avid gamer is going to face this challenge eventually.  There’s no doubt you’ve heard the term before – either in a game lobby, or while watching some YouTube compilations, or maybe while reading some articles about the benefits of gaming mice.  No matter how you came across it, though, you’ve probably heard about a ‘flick shot’ while surfing the web and wondered exactly what a flick shot is, and how you can do it yourself.

In simple terms, a flick shot – also referred to as a snap – is where you flick (or snap) your crosshair onto a target during a fast-paced FPS game, snapping your gun as you pull the trigger in order to remove all ability for your opponent to respond.  The purpose of a flick shot is to essentially remove the ability of an enemy to dodge your shot by moving your crosshair so quickly that during that time the enemy has been unable to move their character in order to take cover or dodge your shot.  Think of it this way – which you’re flickshotting, the reaction time of your enemy is of basically no help to them.

Many amateur gamers will slowly reposition their cursor in order to target a moving enemy, by which time the enemy will have moved their character, leading to a game of “track the moving person with your cursor” – something we’ve all experienced at one point in time, but nobody likes to do.  This is the beauty of flickshots – they eliminate all of this hassle by letting you ‘flick’ your cursor to the target with amazing accuracy.  Now, let’s cover a few simple ways to do a flick shot.

Consciously trying to aim your cursor is hundreds of times slower than flickshotting, which uses a technique called ‘unconscious cognition’.  Essentially, it eliminates all conscious process in the decision making of aiming, allowing you to flick your cursor to any opponent in sight.

The easiest way to learn flickshotting is by going into the practice tool (or range).  From here, set up some stationary target dummies and practice flicking your mouse from one location to directly on the dummies, shooting them as accurately as you can from instinct.  It’ll be hard at first, but practice makes perfect.  You need to build up your muscle memory, and this is the best way to do it.  From here, add in practice on a few moving dummies, and once you master flickshotting those you’ll be able to bring your new, awesome technique into a game to flex on your friends!

In the end, flick shotting is a must learner for any avid gamer who wants to improve their skills.  One final subject of note, however, is that gaming mice can also improve your flickshotting ability, so that’s something to take into consideration.  A high quality, affordable gaming mouse can bring your flickshotting to the next level.

Happy flickshotting!

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