• Google Assistant is releasing a new major upgrade to their software, that will help you to record, remember, and store any information you need to recall at a later date.  According to Google, this new feature was created as a hybrid between multiple tools and methods people already use to remember things – such as a to-do list or digital archive.  Although there is no available release date as of yet, there are reports of Google testing this new system within their company. Although Google Assistant already has a Memory feature, it is extremely limited, functioning only as a reminder program.  You can tell Google Assistant to remind you to do something at a certain date or time, and it will set an alarm for then.  The new version of their memory feature, however, seems to be much more powerful and easier to use with an upgraded and enhanced UI as well as new features.  According to Google, this new version of their memory feature will allow you to save a gigantic spread of content, including but not limited to articles, books, hotels, images, music and more. Once you’ve stored something with the enhanced memory feature, Google will display it inside a new memory feed, along side the other UI.  This will allow you to access the memory feature at any point in time, as well as view contextually accurate extensions to the information you have inputted.  For example, if you store a hotel Google might display the location, the rates, and other relevant topics. Google also plans to add other methods by which you can access this new memory feature, aside from the previous voice command which was used to access the memory feature.  Although as of yet Google has no release date for this new memory feature, it is in the works and being currently developed.

  • YouTube star David Dobrik has recently fallen intro controversy over sexual assault allegations made toward one of the former members of his group, the “Vlog Squad”.  According to the information available, Dobrik and his group had filmed a video where, according to their accuser, one of the members had raped a girl who had applied to film without consenting to the events which were supposed to take place during the filming. Dobrik recently spoke up, posting an apology video on his channel “VIEWS”.  The video, which was posted on a channel that has a fraction of the subscriber base of his main and secondary channels, appears to be vague – not uncommon for YouTuber apologies, if we’re being honest – and doesn’t provide any context for the controversy. After the story continued to garner attention and Dobrik was dropped by multiple sponsors, he uploaded yet another apology video, this time to his secondary channel.  In the video, he claims to have not realized the power dynamic of the group which allowed him to convince people to participate in the creation of content which they did not agree to or were not comfortable creating.  Although Dobrik says he will be taking a short break from social media, he has no intention of halting his creation of content when he returns. This drama has been recently trending on Twitter, and gained the attention of many of his friends, former and otherwise, who commented on the situation, causing it to spread further.  Although Dobrik does not appear to have been directly involved in the potential assault, many fans believe he was irresponsible and ought to take more responsibility then it appears he has. But most importantly, what do you think?  Let us know in the comments.  It’s important to keep an open mind to stories like this, always leaving room for the possibility changes, but at the current time there’s always an opinion to be had!  Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter (scroll down) to stay up to date with the latest news.

  • Every avid gamer is going to face this challenge eventually.  There’s no doubt you’ve heard the term before – either in a game lobby, or while watching some YouTube compilations, or maybe while reading some articles about the benefits of gaming mice.  No matter how you came across it, though, you’ve probably heard about a ‘flick shot’ while surfing the web and wondered exactly what a flick shot is, and how you can do it yourself. In simple terms, a flick shot – also referred to as a snap – is where you flick (or snap) your crosshair onto a target during a fast-paced FPS game, snapping your gun as you pull the trigger in order to remove all ability for your opponent to respond.  The purpose of a flick shot is to essentially remove the ability of an enemy to dodge your shot by moving your crosshair so quickly that during that time the enemy has been unable to move their character in order to take cover or dodge your shot.  Think of it this way – which you’re flickshotting, the reaction time of your enemy is of basically no help to them. Many amateur gamers will slowly reposition their cursor in order to target a moving enemy, by which time the enemy will have moved their character, leading to a game of “track the moving person with your cursor” – something we’ve all experienced at one point in time, but nobody likes to do.  This is the beauty of flickshots – they eliminate all of this hassle by letting you ‘flick’ your cursor to the target with amazing accuracy.  Now, let’s cover a few simple ways to do a flick shot. Consciously trying to aim your cursor is hundreds of times slower than flickshotting, which uses a technique called ‘unconscious cognition’.  Essentially, it eliminates all conscious process in the decision making of aiming, allowing you to flick your cursor to any opponent in sight. The easiest way to learn flickshotting is by going into the practice tool (or range).  From here, set up some stationary target dummies and practice flicking your mouse from one location to directly on the dummies, shooting them as accurately as you can from instinct.  It’ll be hard at first, but practice makes perfect.  You need to build up your muscle memory, and this is the best way to do it.  From here, add in practice on a few moving dummies, and once you master flickshotting those you’ll be able to bring your new, awesome technique into a game to flex on your friends! In the end, flick shotting is a must learner for any avid gamer who wants to improve their skills.  One final subject of note, however, is that gaming mice can also improve your flickshotting ability, so that’s something to take into consideration.  A high quality, affordable gaming mouse can bring your flickshotting to the next level. Happy flickshotting!

  • You either know a gamer or you are one yourself – in these times, gaming is an incredibly common sport which has taken the world by storm.  Because of this – and just like any other sport – gamers have begun to develop specific technology to increase their reaction time and overall skill levels.  There are multitudes of items which claim to increase your gaming performance, like energy drinks for gaming or headphones with high quality sounds.  One of the all-time classic pieces of gaming equipment, though, is a mechanical keyboard. And for good reason.  High quality mechanical gaming keyboards have multiple benefits which can provide you with an edge while you game.  Because of this, we’re going to be breaking down some of the benefits of a mechanical keyboard for gamers. The first benefit is that many mechanical gaming keyboards feature programmable keys – a benefit not just for gamers but for any avid computer users.  It’s always nice to have shortcuts to the items you need when you’re playing your RTS, or the hotkeys which you use to edit videos.  Mechanical keyboards can provide this, making your game easier to play and an overall more enjoyable experience. Another benefit is that mechanical keyboards are incredibly durable.  Many mechanical gaming keyboards are rated for over 50 million keystrokes, making these pieces of equipment a good investment, a great birthday present, and one of the most durable pieces of gaming equipment you could ever buy. Mechanical keyboards also boast a much faster response time than regular, traditional keyboards.  With a cheap, high quality mechanical keyboard you will receive unparalleled response time on keystrokes, allowing you to dodge skillshots and pull of epic flickshots. Mechanical keyboards which boast RGB backlights are also incredibly good for gaming at night, boasting the ability to see your keys while you play a game with the lights off, an experience which can only be described as the perfect vibe and feeling before you sign off and head to bed. With a multitude of other features and reasons to buy mechanical keyboards, these are the perfect gift for yourself or that special gamer in your life.  Only slightly less affordable than traditional keyboards, mechanical keyboards are definitely worth the investment.  If you’re interested in buying a high quality gaming keyboard today, be sure to check out our store here.  Otherwise, check out my post about 10 Hidden Features in the DuckDuckGo Search Engine.

  • Almost everyone knows about the barrel roll, a famous feature found on the Google search engine which will quite literally flip the page on its head when you type “do a barrel roll” into the search box. It’s quite a commonly known feature – probably the reason being the suggested results are filled with searches like “do a barrel roll 20 times” and “do a barrel roll 30 times”. Some people just like the rush of adrenaline you get from being so dizzy you feel like you’re going to puke. The hidden features of DuckDuckGo, the private search engine rival to Google, are much harder to find information on – and I’ll admit, much more useful. Barrel rolls can be fun once, or even twice, but when you want features which will actually help with your quest for information and not distract you, look no further than DuckDuckGo. Let’s go ahead and check out the top 10 shocking secret features found on this search engine! #10: Places Searching for places, restaurants, or locations will surely turn up results on DuckDuckGo! Maps are integrated within the very results of the engine, allowing a search like “pizza places in Denver” to turn up results quickly and accurately, with reviews and results powered by Tripadvisor. Many of the DuckDuckGo features exist to make your web browsing experience more centralized and focused, and this one is no exception! You don’t even have to leave the search page if you decide not to – or if you’re just really didn’t want to click that link to view the reviews. You won’t have to worry about traveling – no pun intended – to different websites when you want to travel to a 5 star restaurant near you! This feature is a must have for any travelers and foodies! Rather than spending your time surfing the web to find good food, you can spend your time looking at the images of delicious tacos, burgers, Chinese food, and more which turn up in the results. #9: Meanings and Definitions DuckDuckGo is no stranger to definitions – the very name of the search engine has been a subject of speculation in the online community. Everyone can “Google it”, but it’s rare to find somebody who asks you to “DuckDuckGo something” – that just doesn’t sound right to our ears! That could be why they added the feature of “Meanings”, a tab which attempts to educate people on specific terms which may have multiple definitions or historical significance! All you have to do is search for a term and if DuckDuckGo decides the meaning is relevant, a tab will be displayed at the very right beneath the search bar, titled “Meaning”. From there you can see all the potential definitions the term you searched for has! Even a simple search for an emoticon can turn up over 12 different results and common references to the term in pop culture! #8: News With DuckDuckGo, relevant news to your search result will appear compiled at the top of the page! No more spending hours surfing through news websites, only to get distracted by the blaring video advertisements which these sites are rife with. All you have to do is search up a topic with the word “news” attached to the end of your search, and voilà! A custom tab will manifest, showcasing the latest news regardless of the topic! Another benefit of having these custom tabs is the collection and filtration of only relevant news to the topic you want to know about. DuckDuckGo filters your results to only include information and articles which are related to the topic you searched for. This feature is a must have for anyone who wants quick and easy access to the latest information on any topic you can think of – from Dogecoin, to Zebras – just add “news” to your search results and DuckDuckGo will tell you what’s going on. There’s no doubt that features like these are superb for the busy working man or woman, trying to catch up on the latest news without getting distracted by gossip or celebrity hot takes! #7: Advanced Keyboard Shortcuts The more traditional computer users will go crazy over this feature! If you’ve been using computers for a long time, you’ll probably recall that mice are a newer invention; back in the day, you navigated with your keyboard! And much to the displeasure and mockery of modern computer geeks, some people still do. But for those who do, this feature is undoubtedly meant for you! DuckDuckGo features keyboard shortcuts which allow advanced navigation of search results, as opposed to using the mouse! A simple search will turn up a multitude of shortcuts which allow complete navigation of pages – and with a bit of mastery, showing off your skills will be a breeze! You’ll be able to browse the internet with one hand free, typing away and watching the pages of search results speed on past. #6: Recipes If you enjoy cooking, then this feature is for you! Just add the word “recipes” to your search, and recipe results will appear no matter what you searched for! Chicken Casserole? Tacos? Enchiladas? All you have to do is add the word recipes on to your search and a custom “Recipes” tab will appear showing reviews, recipe titles, thumbnail images of the delicious food, and even a detailed taste profile for each recipe! For any of the chefs in the family, this search feature is an absolute must! Especially if you can’t be bothered to click off the homepage of your browser, but still want to search for specific recipes. Anyone could fall into the trap of convenience, and when the trap is as lugubrious and useful as DuckDuckGo’s Recipes feature – who wouldn’t want to? #5: Private Auto Suggest Google is famous for their auto suggest results, but DuckDuckGo provides this feature with a special twist! Whereas the Google auto suggestions are compiled by tracking the results […]