How I Made $600 per Month During Quarantine After Buying a Webcam

And how you can do the same with a few simple steps.

You’d be surprised how much money you can make after buying an affordable, high quality webcam.

As I found out, with the inexpensive purchase of $20 (you can buy a high quality and HD USB web camera here), you can turn your personality into a part time job during quarantine.  The method I use takes less than 1 hour a day, and can be extremely profitable.

Keep reading, and I’ll explain how…

I never thought I’d see myself in this position.  For less than an hour a day, I’m making over $600 a month…and the only tools I needed were a high quality, inexpensive USB webcam and a simple (and FREE) editing program.

Quarantine has probably hit you hard – especially your finances.  Hey, it’s done the same to me.  I’d had so many financial goals – before I found myself stuck inside, unable to work or find work.

But honestly, it didn’t turn out too bad.  Because a few months ago, I bought a cheap, good quality web cam online.  I figured this camera would allow me to keep in touch and talk to my friends.

Instead, I found myself making over $600 dollars a month for less than an hour a day.

I was a bit hard pressed on cash, if I’m being honest.  So even buying an inexpensive and cheap webcam had set me back.

I was taking a shower when I had the idea – what if I could use my webcam to make back the money I’d spent buying it?  Unrealistic, probably – I thought to myself as I stepped out of the shower….but I went ahead and pulled up Google and did a bit of research.

And boy, was I surprised.  With just a few hours of work, I found some promising methods – which I’m going to share with you now – that can turn your purchase of a high quality, HD webcam into a profitable part-time job.

Before we get into the meat of the information, go ahead and order a cheap, high quality 1080p webcam by clicking here.  Believe me, you can’t afford to wait – every second you aren’t is money lost.


Making Money With Your Webcam

Alright, so now let me tell you about my proven method for making over $600 a month with the purchase of an affordable, high quality webcam.  This information is valuable – and competition in this market is currently low, so keep it to yourself.  Bookmark this page, and whatever you do – don’t share it.

So now – my method.  Well, it’s super simple – freelance video personality.  Now, I’m a pretty introverted guy, but with a practice anyone can present information on camera.  And that’s where being a freelance video personality can really pay…

See I signed up to a few freelancing websites.  Fiverr, Upwork – you get the idea.  Scrolling through the gigs you can get a pretty good idea of what people want…and almost every day, I see a new Upwork gig asking for a video personality – somebody who can do a minimal bit of research and present information on camera in an entertaining and informative way.

It’s that simple.

And usually if you perform well on one gig; the seller will want more.  That’s how I’ve been making $600 a month for less than an hour a day of my time.

One simple purchase of a webcam, a few applications submitted, and I was off to the races.  Earning $600 dollars a month with minimal effort on my part, a dream part-time job, and a single purchase which cost me in total $20.

You seriously can’t go wrong – and I’d recommend this method to anyone.  Of course, the market will fill up fast, so it’s best to get in early.  Don’t wait.  Do the math…if you invest in a cheap, high quality webcam, you can gain access to a dream part-time job.