Google Assistant Releases New Enhanced Memory Feature

Google Assistant is releasing a new major upgrade to their software, that will help you to record, remember, and store any information you need to recall at a later date.  According to Google, this new feature was created as a hybrid between multiple tools and methods people already use to remember things – such as a to-do list or digital archive.  Although there is no available release date as of yet, there are reports of Google testing this new system within their company.

Although Google Assistant already has a Memory feature, it is extremely limited, functioning only as a reminder program.  You can tell Google Assistant to remind you to do something at a certain date or time, and it will set an alarm for then.  The new version of their memory feature, however, seems to be much more powerful and easier to use with an upgraded and enhanced UI as well as new features.  According to Google, this new version of their memory feature will allow you to save a gigantic spread of content, including but not limited to articles, books, hotels, images, music and more.

Once you’ve stored something with the enhanced memory feature, Google will display it inside a new memory feed, along side the other UI.  This will allow you to access the memory feature at any point in time, as well as view contextually accurate extensions to the information you have inputted.  For example, if you store a hotel Google might display the location, the rates, and other relevant topics.

Google also plans to add other methods by which you can access this new memory feature, aside from the previous voice command which was used to access the memory feature.  Although as of yet Google has no release date for this new memory feature, it is in the works and being currently developed.

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