• RGB lighting is incredibly common in the gaming world.  The beautiful, gentle glow of a mechanical keyboard and RGB mouse, the only sources of light in a dim room, the clacking of the keyboard as you scope in another enemy player in your favorite FPS – RGB lighting has become synonymous with gaming.  Despite the clear aesthetic appeal, it’s unclear why else gamers would pursue RGB lighting on their technology as oppose to the alternative.  After all, it’s not like you need RGB lighting on your keyboard as you game – is it? Well, it may be.  RGB lighting is reported by many gamers to help them concentrate on the correct keystrokes,  helping them keep their fingers on the correct keys in a dim room.  PC gamers often need to have intense focus on the screen, with a lit room distracting from the gameplay and immersion at hand.  Because of this, the keyboard and mouse are required to have a certain sort of lighting in order to remain in focus and visible – and what other lights to choose but RGB lights? Another reason gamers might find RGB lights appealing is the status and identity which RGB lights convey.  After all, RGB has become synonymous with gaming at this point, and though it may be directly related to the peer pressure – well, can you truly call yourself a gamer if you don’t use an RGB keyboard and mouse?  Besides that, there are so many cool LED light strips which you can purchase to decorate your room, making it apparent to anyone who enters that you’re a gamer and you’re proud of it.  Personally speaking, I love to use RGB lights because they make me feel more comfortable and informal than under the bright lights which normally light my room.  After all, gaming should be comfortable – and what’s more comfortable than playing under the dimly lit conditions, surrounded by glowing and gently shifting colors!

  • Mechanical keyboards are known by many as the professional or high quality keyboard for gaming and avid typists alike.  What makes the distinction between the mechanical and regular keyboard, however, is oftentimes overlooked.  Because of this, many people will buy a mechanical keyboard without knowing which specifications to look for and end up severely disappointed, only gaining a fraction of the ability and features which a good mechanical keyboard boasts.  So if you’re looking to buy a mechanical keyboard, it’s necessary for any buyer to understand the uses and benefits of a mechanical keyboard, as well as what a mechanical keyboard is. Mechanical keyboards are distinct from all other keyboards in one main area – the switches (or key springs).  This essentially means that the mechanism by which your keyboard registers your keystrokes will be different than a regular keyboard.  Usually, mechanical keyboards have spring activated key switches.  When the key of a mechanical keyboard is pressed down, several things happen which creates a distinction between this keyboard and the traditional “rubber dome keyboard”.  When a key is pressed, the spring anchored beneath the key will connect to the keyboard’s circuit and register a keystroke, transferring the signal to your computer where your keystroke will display itself as the letter or number which you typed. Because the mechanical keyboard and the rubber dome keyboard often have the same keycaps, they will often appear to be the same, but many users feel less comfortable typing on a rubber dome keyboard than a mechanical one due to the different type of switches which mechanical keyboards use.  Oftentimes, an experienced user will be able to distinguish a mechanical keyboard from a rubber one simply by the feel of the keystrokes, but when you’re buying a keyboard initially it’s important to check out the description so you know if your keyboard is mechanical or not!

  • Today, we’re going to be covering the top 3 toplane champions for beginners in League of Legends.  Now, if you’re interested in getting into League of Legends as a toplaner but aren’t sure what champion to choose, this guide is for you.  We’re going to give you our experts top 3 picks for beginner toplane champions in League of Legends, and explain exactly why you should be picking what you’re picking.  Now, let’s get into the first pick. 3.  Jax Jax, also known as the King of Toplane, is known by that fearsome title for a very good reason.  An awesomely powerful splitpusher, dueler, and teamfighter, Jax takes a slight amount of skill to pick up but is totally worth it in our books.  Constantly hovering at the top of any tier list, simply seeing the name “Jax” on the enemy team is enough to make many players dread loading into the game.  With a counterstrike capable of blocking all incoming basic attacks and negating spell damage, a leap and an empowered auto attack, Jax is a simple yet popular champion which can be picked up with minor effort by almost anyone. 2.  Tryndamere Although Tryndamere has never been the most popular toplane champion, he is very feared and easy for beginners for a few very good reasons.  With his crit reliant build, you’re going to be shredding almost any enemy champ in a 1v1.  Tryndamere has a very unique ultimate ability, which allows you to survive any and all damage for 5 seconds, keeping your champion alive to deal as much damage possible in that time span.  Because of this ability, Tryndamere has a unique and useful playstyle for beginners and advanced macro players alike, allowing you to pick up a simple skill kit and being able to make mistakes, saved by your ultimate. 1.  Garen Without a doubt, Garen is the easiest and most powerful toplane champion for beginners.  Garen boasts one of the simplest sets of abilities in the game, with every ability either an AOE or targeted ability.  This means you won’t have to focus on aiming or actually attacking the target you need to.  All you have to do is point and click and win.  The basic combo is to lead with Garen’s Q, followed by his E and W.  This will allow you to win almost any low level matchups while spending almost no time learning his kit.  Garen is, without a doubt, one of the greatest League of Legends toplaners and easily the best for beginners.

  • With the world moving quickly into a wireless era, some people have begun to consider a before unthinkable area of the market as a serious potential – wireless gaming mice.  A few years back, nobody would have considered this.  After all, gaming is all about reaction time and accuracy – and wireless mice are not well known for either of these factors.  This has changed in recent  years, however, and we had our experts at Webinovate explain the top 3 benefits of wireless gaming mice for both professional and hobbyist gamers. Counting down from #3 is the fact that wireless gaming mice are designed in an ergonomic, comfortable manner, allowing users to prolong their gaming sessions without their hands getting tired or suffering from the effort required to bring their all to the game.  This is an insanely useful benefit of wireless gaming mice, seeing as many gamers will play for hours at a time.  After hours of flickshotting (find out what flickshotting is here) and awesome trickshots, your hands are bound to get tired of the shape of your mouse.  Wireless mice, however, are designed for comfort first and foremost and aim to eliminate as much gaming fatigue as possible. The 2nd benefit of a wireless gaming mouse is the customization which they offer.  Wireless gaming mice are easy to customize and reprogram, making them a must – especially if you’re travelling a lot.  An easy replacement to touchpads (and with the extra customization features), wireless gaming mice will let you play on the go.  Along with a bluetooth keyboard and a pair of blue light blocking glasses, you can bring your entire gaming setup with you on the fly. The final – and without a doubt most prominent benefit – of wireless gaming mice is their ease of use.  No matter where you are, a wireless gaming mouse can be used easily and set up quickly.  Plus, wireless gaming mice are cheap, affordable, and usually customized to make gaming easier – featuring different sensitivities (or DPI) and in some cases programmable buttons, wireless gaming mice are a must have if you need to supplement your setup with a new slick mouse to help boost your gaming potential. Game on!

  • Every avid gamer is going to face this challenge eventually.  There’s no doubt you’ve heard the term before – either in a game lobby, or while watching some YouTube compilations, or maybe while reading some articles about the benefits of gaming mice.  No matter how you came across it, though, you’ve probably heard about a ‘flick shot’ while surfing the web and wondered exactly what a flick shot is, and how you can do it yourself. In simple terms, a flick shot – also referred to as a snap – is where you flick (or snap) your crosshair onto a target during a fast-paced FPS game, snapping your gun as you pull the trigger in order to remove all ability for your opponent to respond.  The purpose of a flick shot is to essentially remove the ability of an enemy to dodge your shot by moving your crosshair so quickly that during that time the enemy has been unable to move their character in order to take cover or dodge your shot.  Think of it this way – which you’re flickshotting, the reaction time of your enemy is of basically no help to them. Many amateur gamers will slowly reposition their cursor in order to target a moving enemy, by which time the enemy will have moved their character, leading to a game of “track the moving person with your cursor” – something we’ve all experienced at one point in time, but nobody likes to do.  This is the beauty of flickshots – they eliminate all of this hassle by letting you ‘flick’ your cursor to the target with amazing accuracy.  Now, let’s cover a few simple ways to do a flick shot. Consciously trying to aim your cursor is hundreds of times slower than flickshotting, which uses a technique called ‘unconscious cognition’.  Essentially, it eliminates all conscious process in the decision making of aiming, allowing you to flick your cursor to any opponent in sight. The easiest way to learn flickshotting is by going into the practice tool (or range).  From here, set up some stationary target dummies and practice flicking your mouse from one location to directly on the dummies, shooting them as accurately as you can from instinct.  It’ll be hard at first, but practice makes perfect.  You need to build up your muscle memory, and this is the best way to do it.  From here, add in practice on a few moving dummies, and once you master flickshotting those you’ll be able to bring your new, awesome technique into a game to flex on your friends! In the end, flick shotting is a must learner for any avid gamer who wants to improve their skills.  One final subject of note, however, is that gaming mice can also improve your flickshotting ability, so that’s something to take into consideration.  A high quality, affordable gaming mouse can bring your flickshotting to the next level. Happy flickshotting!